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Alex Manninger Liverpool Jersey

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Stop! Read This Before Investing in SEO Stop! Read This Before Investing in SEO June 4 Boyd Gordon Oilers Jersey , 2012 | Author: Mike Byrne | Posted in Internet Business Online
Are you a search engine optimization expert? Probably not. You most likely will need help. How can you be sure you’ll get the most benefit from your investment? If you’re not sure, don’t start before answering these questions:

1. Who are the customers you are targeting?
2. What do you want you website to do?
3. What do you want site visitors to do?

Who are my Target Customers?

Who are your ideal customers? When they search, what do they want? When they land on your site, what do they want? Consider a flower shop. What does a customer want who comes to this site? They want to know that you can deliver. If you do same day delivery, tell them. They want to know your hours, so tell them. They want to know about specials and how easy it is to order. Give them this information.

The first step in internet marketing and SEO is identifying your customer and what they’re after when they search. Search engine optimization can be expensive when keyword competition is high. You need to choose the right keywords based on your targeted visitors. When those visitors land on your pages, you provide relevant content leading to your most desired action. Identifying the right keywords gives you your site structure. Categories are major keywords and other keywords become category content.

What Results do I Want from My Website?

As I visit sites around the internet Bill Ranford Oilers Jersey , I see many that don’t ask this question. Let’s look at the flower shop example. If you want the customer to call you to order, display the telephone number clearly. If you offer last minute delivery, make that clear. If you’re open late, make a big point of it. If you’re specialist in apology flowers, say so.

Write out specifically what your website will do for you and your customers. Your purpose may be generating donations, creating leads, list building or some other purpose. State that purpose. Your website will be designed to support that purpose.

What Do I Want Customers to Do When They Land on My Site?

First Benoit Pouliot Oilers Jersey , you want them to stay on the site! To do that, you need to get their attention and keep it. You do that by meeting the needs of your site visitors that you identified in step one. You make it obvious that you are giving them the content that they’re after when they enter the keyword in the search engine box. You create targeted pages to give them the information they’re after and answer their questions. You don’t start by saying hello and welcome to our website… Start with what they want, not what you want.

After you give the visitor what they want, get them to do what you want. For each page you need to answer, what do I want the visitor to do? Do you want them to call, subscribe to your newsletter, download a report Ben Scrivens Oilers Jersey , or something else? Define visitor behavior for each page and then make sure the page supports and leads to that behavior. Think of it like a click path. From this page, where do you want the visitor to click next?

Few website owners will take the time to answer these questions. You can see that when you travel around the internet. Answering these questions does several things for you. It saves you money wasted on poorly targeted SEO, and it also gives you a competitive advantage. Answer these questions before investing in your internet marketing program.

Learn more about Small Business Internet Marketing. Stop by SEO10x where you can find out all about SEO and what it can do for you.

锘? Guidelines for Commissioning A Piece of Jewellery

There's a special occasion in the offing, a birthday, an anniversary, a new baby, an engagement Andrew Ference Oilers Jersey , First Communion, Valentines Day, Christmas the list is almost endless! You think that it would be lovely to give a really special personal gift, something totally unique but that would be really expensive wouldn't it? Well, probably not as expensive as you think. Using silver or semi precious beads a realistic budget could start as low as 30, for example a simple birthstone bracelet, a pair of anniversary earrings or a birthstone ring would all be in that sort of region. For heavier silver items that need hallmarking (large pendants Andrej Sekera Oilers Jersey , upper arm bracelets, heavy necklaces) you may be looking at nearer the 100 mark but certainly something made just for you or a loved one won't break the bank.

Where do I start?

Firstly do some internet searches for jewellery designers working in your locality or country (these days thanks to the internet many design commissions can be done completely by e-mail). Have a look at their designs do you like their work?

See what they say about commissions, how do they normally do their design work? Check out the prices for items on their website or in their gallery. Most designers will charge a little extra on top of their normal prices because of the extra work involved in making a commission, as a rough guide an extra 20-30% is reasonable because of the one to one, bespoke service you are getting.

Draw up a list of two or three designers whose work you like

Contact them and give them a rough idea of the sort of itemoccasion you want to have your special jewellery made for. Designers are used to both people who know exactly what they want and those who only have a very vague idea, so don't worry if you need guidance. Most designers love talking to clients and helping them create something really special. At this point you will probably have a gut feeling as to the designer you would most like to use and you can ask them for a "ball park" figure for the type of design you want. You will also need to give the designer some idea about t.
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