Comfortable floor with

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Comfortable floor with

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The texture of the wood flooring is very beautiful, the touch is excellent, the decoration is very strong, so more and more people like to use this floor to decorate the ground. But the floor to buy from a variety of ways to start, how can we choose the right floor? Flooring to buy what skills?cheap real wood flooring
Floor to buy to see the type of floor, the main types are mainly divided into solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, as well as the latest out of the three solid wood flooring; more detailed aspects of the ecological floor, parquet, antique floor The Floor to buy, we must clear the style you want, hope simple and warm as far as possible to choose a neutral or shallow floor, hoping to stabilize the atmosphere is selected off the dark floor. Wood flooring to be combined with a variety of conditions at home, lighting, color matching is very interior decor wall panels ceiling designs
When purchasing must be asked to the business product environmental testing report. Flooring environmental protection is mainly the release of formaldehyde, generally concentrated in strengthening the floor, generally as long as the E1 level is to achieve environmental protection. E0 level of formaldehyde on the floor is less than 0.5mg / l, E1 grade formaldehyde in the 24 hours of the release of less than 1.5mg / l, after-sales service is an important part of the floor to buy, personal recommendations, if after-sales service Not in place, do not choose the brand of the floor, because the floor will be involved in the purchase of a lot of maintenance and follow-up services, the floor to buy in this one must not sloppy.marine floorboard material suppliers mn
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