Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II UK Online

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II UK Online

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II UK Online

The Fall/Holiday 2016 Converse Counter Climate Boot collection provides four essential weather-beating benefits: water-repellent canvas, rubber, leather and waterproof neoprene. Including the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II for men Boot and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Tekoa Boot, the collection’s footwear reimagines Converse’s most iconic silhouette to provide superior protection with waterproof and water-repellent features, like insulated booties. Additionally,
the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II for women Boot incorporates a 360-degree heat barrier and post-applied weatherized gum outsole with deep grooves for better traction. The offerings are rounded out by Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Chels boot equipped a neoprene bootie on the inside for comfort, sticky rubber on the outsole for grip.

Each climate-shield canvas sneaker, including
the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Discount Shop, has been given a durable water repellant (DWR) treatment. Additionally, the medial eyelets of the All Star II have been removed and a gusseted tongue added to further repel the elements. Reflective heel webbing and barrel laces increase visibility in low light.

First there was weatherized printed rubber; now there are new reflective street-ready graphics. Elevating the collaboration to the next level, Converse debuts its second Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II with American artist Futura. Featuring original artwork by the legendary Brooklyn-based artist, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II UK Online Futura “Skyfall” inspired collection takes the technological construction and comfort benefits of Chuck II even further with the addition of reflective materials, creating a sneaker that gets you seen. Designed for both function and fashion, the collection combines Futura’s iconic abstract art style with a weather-ready sneaker collection that’s built for the next generation of self-expression.

Converse continues to expand the Chuck II family with the debut of
the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Cheap Engineered Woven Collection, an exploration of new materials, color combinations and elevated construction. The sneaker draws inspiration from the sky as the day turns from dawn to dusk.The Chuck II Engineered Woven provides a lightweight sneaker option with a one-piece jacquard upper construction. The right sneaker features the sun rising while the left, shows the sun to be setting. One pair is outfitted in deep blue, fiery orange and pink colors reminiscent of dawn and twilight while the second pair is a stark contrast in comparison, featuring the same sun image, but subdued by shades of grey and white, evoking feelings of nighttime.
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