Home industry in the wood plastic materials prospects

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Home industry in the wood plastic materials prospects

Postprzez qizhen111 12 maja 2017, o 03:58

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) is a kind of new composite material developed in recent years. It is light, rigid, acid and alkali, waterproof and pest control, environmental protection, which can be the same as wood, Saws, gluing and paint, but also like thermoplastic molding and surface decoration printing, the current building materials, municipal facilities, packaging materials and other fields is widely used.
Wood-plastic material excellent waterproof performance determines its unique use value. Bathroom decoration and the overall high price of the kitchen to the wood-plastic materials to enter the furniture market to enter the opportunity to bathroom furniture for the development of wood furniture, a breakthrough is to let consumers know and accept wood-plastic material shortcut.
Outdoor furniture on the material weather resistance requirements are higher, wood-plastic materials to meet this requirement. UV in the sun so that most of the plastic products to accelerate aging, but wood-plastic material in the wood powder can effectively block the UV into the material inside, so that wood-plastic materials can be used in the outdoors longer. From the economic factors, wood-plastic materials than wood and metal materials, production costs and maintenance costs are low, so use it to develop outdoor furniture is very promising.
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