Impressionist home color film DIY

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Impressionist home color film DIY

Postprzez qizhen111 27 lut 2017, o 11:19

Impressionist home color film DIY series of products with other products can not reproduce the characteristics: strong wear: the international standard pressure production process, high-density anti-wear protective structure.swimming pools in the wood
easy to wear scratch strong fit: Impressionist has always been excellent adhesive Sex, and the surface of the furniture can not afford to effectively do not fade Alice never fade: color composite protective layer, effectively blocking the ultraviolet radiation, to prevent aging fade easy to clean: smooth surface, moisture-proof water, stains do not penetrate.price of recycled wooden posts in the philippines
Thermal insulation: inert thermal conductivity, in high temperature and cold environment, do not shrink, no deformation of any twists and turns: adaptive stretch extension, and to ensure the consistency of the quality of the film free to expose: easy to exposeboat floor board material composite
no glial Residual, do not damage the furniture surface, furniture, such as the new material to restore custom: different decorative materials required for different places, according to your needs to choose different materials, color filmexterior siding woodgrain paneling recycled plastic
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