Interior wall panel

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Interior wall panel

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Much of the litter that we see along highways and stream banks when we go out hiking or do a clean up is disposable products finding their way into the environment. These petroleum-based products like polystyrene containers, plastic cups, lids, straws and plastic cutlery will take decades to decompose. Those same products are also a concern when burned in municipal solid waste incinerators spewing dioxins and other toxic emissions into the air. Even seemingly innocent paper products like cups and plates rarely contain recycled content and contribute to worldwide deforestation problems.
Thanks to some innovative thinking in the manufacturing sector however, earth-friendly alternatives to most of these types of products are now available to consumers.
Disposable Earth-friendly Products
Bagasse (pronounced baa-gaas) is a paper material made from the waste cane stalks of the sugar industry. What was once a waste product that needed disposal is now being used to make disposable plates, bowls, cups and clamshell food containers. Bagasse products are considered to be ree-free?products.
PLA which stands for polylactic acid is a revolutionary new technology that creates clear, lastic?food containers from yellow corn. These clear cups, lids, straws, deli boxes, and other containers are biodegradable and compostable. PLA products will decompose in the environment in about 50 days; perhaps sooner in a compost bin.
To complete the picture, we no longer need to use those nasty plastic, picnic utensils. Plant-based knives, forks and spoons are now available for your outdoor and indoor special events. This biodegradable and compostable cutlery is strong, heat resistant and earth friendly.
Of course the best way to handle these earth-friendly products after use is the compost bin. But, if you dispose of them in the traditional way into the waste stream, they are considered benign in both the landfill and the incinerator.
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