Living room with all kinds of floor

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Living room with all kinds of floor

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Life and different, different people on the home decoration hobbies are also different. Some people love only Nordic style, some people prefer a unique industrial wind. Then we should choose what type of wood floor to match with home it?plastic wood fence panels hungary

Partial dark wood flooring on the floor of the classical carpet, as well as suede texture of the sofa, the overall feeling is very stable style. Different on the map is more soft wood floor, the wood used by the wooden side of the rough rough, perfectly convey the nature of the characteristics. Light-colored wood flooring forms a strong contrast with darker wood ceilings. Dotted pillow, pink blue seats, soft carpet and pink color of the paint color, are telling the feelings of girls.outdoor deck slate in canada

Giving a warm impression of the wood, it seems difficult to associate with the more intense industrial style in one. However, as long as the choice of color in the map of the island set of wood material, with the concrete column and the ceiling, you can create a floating industrial style living room space. A glimpse of the interior of the dark lines of wood flooring with the balcony of the light wood floor directly tells the two different spaces. Ceiling hanging hammock for the indoor living room to create a sense of outdoor, very wild atmosphere.bending composite edging
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