NFL's best at everything: Who is top kickoff placement

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NFL's best at everything: Who is top kickoff placement

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AFC East might be up for grabs with Tom Brady suspended,but Jets need even more breaks to steal division from Patriots Mehta: 5 things that need to happen for Jets to dethrone Patriots

Manish Mehta


Thursday, May 19, 2016, 10:47 AM

facebook email If the Jets want to end a five year playoff drought, they need to re sign Ryan Fitzpatrick. (LARRY W. SMITH/EPA)

Manish Mehta


Thursday, May 19, 2016, 10:47 AM

Should the Jets be thinking big in 2016?

Eric Decker certainly believes so.

Let's be honest: The postseason should absolutely be the expectation for a team coming off a 10 win campaign. Sure, some folks have some inherent crutches to lean on this summer, but 2016 will be a failure if the Jets don't snap their five year cheap giants jerseys playoff drought.

Decker is smart enough to know that Tom Brady's four game Deflategate suspension (assuming that this saga doesn't drag on to the Supreme Court and let's hope for the sake of society that it doesn't) opens the door for the rest of the AFC East.

Mehta's Jets Mailbag: Bart Scott, Amaro's future and AFC East

So, how close are the Jets to making a deep run in the 2016 playoffs?

Father Time is undefeated, but David Harris has been able to hold him off. (Matthew Childs/REUTERS)

"I think we're there, to be honest," Decker said on NFL Network this week. "We're set up with a tough schedule a playoff team's schedule. You got to win your division games. With Brady being suspended four games, I think it makes that division up for grabs. I believe in this team that we're ready to make the run now."

The division cheap cleveland browns jerseys crown might be attainable, but the Jets need five important things to happen to have a realistic chance of toppling the Evil Empire:

5. David Harris needs to continue to kick Father Time's derriere

Harris is like a comfortable old shoe or your favorite blanket. It's so easy to take him for granted. Frankly, Todd Bowles was surprised with just how critical he became in his defense last season. Harris is the quarterback of the defense, the brains on the field, the glue guy. Simply put, the man was invaluable at MIKE linebacker last season (108 total tackles).

Eric Decker: Jets need to 'move on' as if Fitzpatrick is gone

Harris hasn't missed a start in seven seasons (118 consecutive games, including playoffs). But he's 32, which should give you cause for concern. He can't play forever, but Bowles Co. will need to squeeze another year of quality play out him to have a chance to break into the postseason.

Marcus Williams impressed last season with six picks, and could be the Jets' No. 2 cornerback this season. (Elsa/Getty Images)

4. Marcus Williams must put on his big boy pants

Bowles almost immediately saw the promise and potential in Williams last season. There's a calmness and maturity cheap giants jerseys in Williams' game that is rare in young cornerbacks, let alone young undrafted cornerbacks from a place like North Dakota State. The guy impressed with a team high six interceptions last year, but he's going to be given the opportunity to take a significant step up in competition this year.

Buster Skrine will get the first look to start opposite Darrelle Revis, but Skrine's versatility could (should?) prompt Bowles to slide him inside and give Williams a good hard look as the No. 2 corner on the outside. How will Williams fare against No. 2 receivers each and every week? I have a feeling he'll make the adjustment just fine. He'll have to if the Jets want to make a playoff run.

3. Matt Forte needs to break the Curse of 30

It's no secret that running backs typically don't age well. Most, in fact, most of them age so poorly that 30 is the equivalent to 50 for a normal man. So, you have to wonder how much Forte, who will turn 31 in December, has left in the tank. He's only missed seven games in his eight year career, but three came last season. He's only one season removed from a 101 catch season, which might bode well in Chan Gailey's offense. Forte replaces Chris Ivory, who was invaluable last year. The Jets, frankly, need to have offensive balance, so Forte is going to have deliver. He won't necessarily be a workhorse Gailey will have roles for Bilal Powell and Khiry Robinson but the veteran must be a dual threat difference maker.
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