Pandora bracelets were launched in Denmark

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Pandora bracelets were launched in Denmark

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The actual Pandora jewelry company seemed to be started in 1979 through Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen (and the then wife Winnie). Per’s mother, Algot Enevoldsen, was likewise a jeweler, a silversmith which made wonderful, modernistic jewelry from the 1950s, and it is his initials (ALE) which have been stamped on pandora christmas charms all authentic Pandora portions (the hallmark has belonged towards the family since 1950). You will notice ALE 925 on sterling silver charms, and ALE 585 (14k) or maybe ALE 750 (18k) in gold charms.

Per as well as Winnie opened their first store in Copenhagen around 1979, selling Per’s styles. The Enevoldsens traveled frequently to Thailand, and inside 1982, they started importing Thai jewelry and selling of their store. The business was doing actually, and pandora christmas as demand for his or her products increased, they started wholesaling increasingly more and outsourced part belonging to the production of Per’s layouts to Thailand.

The Enevoldsens sooner or later closed their store (in 1987) to help focus solely on from suppliers. Two Danish designers were being hired – Lone Frandsen and Lisbeth Enø Larsen – as well as the idea for the Pandora bracelet started to make. In 1989, Per and Winnie chose to move to pandora rose Thailand and open up their own manufacturing facility. They going with 10 employees, and invited their a couple of in-house designers to join them that will train the local artisans. Years later, the first charm bracelet was given birth, however it didn’t quite yet have the signature look we know so well today (nor the Pandora name), but per annum later, the current model Pandora bracelets were launched in Denmark, and others in the industry, as they say, can be history.

The company doubled its sales yearly from then on, and also today, Pandora jewelry may be a well-recognized brand sold in greater than 40 countries. The jewelry collection contains over 1, 800 models, and there are above 200 Pandora stores across the world. The company is headquartered around Denmark, where the pandora droplet rings products are designed along with developed, and also have a couple manufacturing facilities outside Bangkok where over 1500 employees finish the merchandise by hand. In 2008, 60% of Pandora’s futures were sold to Axcel, a Danish private equity finance fund, in an effort to help strengthen and grow the particular brand.
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