Pogba will accept Manchester United medical examination

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Pogba will accept Manchester United medical examination

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Pogba will accept Manchester United medical examination

Manchester United and Juventus negotiated transfer fees and commissions to brokers, Pogba transfer progress more quickly, according to multiple sources confirmed that Pogba from the return of fifa 17 ps coins Manchester United has become increasingly closer.

Pogba's agent and Juventus Raiola has conducted high-level talks, negotiations have been conducted to the final stage. Since Raiola before the commission, Pogba's transfer was stalled because Juventus and Manchester United are reluctant to pay the money, and come up with a final compromise those Manchester United 20 million euros. In this transfer window, Raiola's other two customers Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic have joined Manchester United. Currently, Manchester United and Juventus have reached agreement on the transfer fee, transfer fee of 110 million euros, creating a new world record.

Meanwhile, fifa 17 ps3 coins Manchester United have already reached a consensus and Pogba on the treatment of individuals, Pogba will get an annual salary of 13 million euros in the contract, and he'll get every season portrait income of 7 million euros. If you wish to find an online shop that sells Cheap Fifa Coins, please visit our site http://www.playerhot.com/
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