De Bethune DREAM CALIBER DB 2016 42.9mm DW1 Replica watch

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De Bethune DREAM CALIBER DB 2016 42.9mm DW1 Replica watch

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Super Deals De Bethune DREAM CALIBER DB 2016 42.9mm DW1 Replica watch
The detail this watch information as follow:

Ref. No: DW1

Case: Platinum

Diameter: 42.90mm

Strap: alligator

Movement: automatic

Size: Men Quetzalcoatl is a composite name in the Nahuatl language (language of the Nahua peoples of Mexico and Central America) derived from quetzalli and used to describe the large, precious green feathers of the sacred quetzal bird; and coatl, meaning snake. It is one of the main divinities of the Mesoamerican civilisations and the feathered serpent, its most iconic incarnation, reigned for many long centuries over pre-Columbian America. This powerful symbol of Mesoamerican culture was the core of worship and sacred rituals. The related myths and legends appear in the writings of the colonial period. In conjunction with the evening star, it was considered to govern the cycle of time from dawn to dusk. This deity of the summer winds was naturally closely associated with agriculture and in particular with corn farming, as well as being the sovereign protector of goldsmiths and artisans, and the inventor of the calendar.’The representation by De Bethune of this deity appears in the shape of a feathered serpent coiled in the middle of the dial. The De Bethune DB25 Quetzalcoatl might look strange, time reading is usual, with two hands and 12 indexes. The feathered head of the Quetzalcoatl shows the hours while its tail indicates the minutes, classically, like two normal hands. Both hands are made from solid gold, extremely precisely and finely hand-engraved by master engraver Michèle Rothen. The move of the snake remains slow – hopefully because, believe us, when you’re adjusting the time, you’d better not be afraid of serpents. The dial is made of two parts, also hand engraved into solid gold. The middle comes with De Bethune microlight guilloché (concentric circles obtained by engine-turning). Around it sits an hours ring with figures that provides an aerial view of the ruins of the Aztec temples from the city of Tenochtitlan. While the hands are shining and the center part is radiantly glowing, this engraved ring is matt finished and then patinated, giving an impressive antique and warm tone to the dial, in order to emphasize the depth of the figures. This dial might indicate time, it also tells a story.For the rest, De Bethune stays faithful to the shape and technical specifications of other DB25 watches. The 44mm case is here made of white gold and remains unique on its own, with a drum-shaped central case and hollowed lugs. The De Bethune DB25 (Quetzalcoatl or not) is a more elegant watch that its size supposed. It remains delicate and rather slim on the wrist. The (almost) absence of bezel and the light lugs participate a lot to this visual sensation. I’m going to quote something I wrote back in 2012: “De Bethune’s master watchmaker Denis Flageolet is a ‘mad professor’ when it comes to improving the balance wheel and he experimented with many different materials and shapes to improve this regulating organ of mechanical watches. And there’s more. He invented a temperature-compensating silicon balance spring, a two armed silicon balance with platinum inertia blocks, an annular balance with silicon centre contained within a platinum ring and a cage-less tourbillon constructed from silicon/platinum and a small amount of steel.“


replica watches for sale Behind the sapphire caseback sits Calibre DB2005. The first thing that comes to the eyes of the initiates is the impressive level of finish, with black polished flat surfaces on the main plate and bridges. Then, comes the futuristic shape of the main bridge that holds the self-regulating twin barrel (that ensures 6-day of power reserve). It is finished with De Bethune stripes and polished bevelled angles and polished slots for the rubies (by hand). Finally, there is this special full balance wheel, with a silicon escape-wheel and a balance-spring with flat terminal curve. The regulating organ is hold by a cross-over bridge, also mirror polished and with a round shape – something that can only be achieved by a trained hand. This movement, with its clean and unusual layout, is recognizable among every others and is still a pleasure for our eyes.De Bethune is still a very young fledgling brand – it was founded in 2002 – and is part of the wave of young, innovative and highly technical brands that started in the early 2000’s, like MB&F, Hautlence and URWERK. Despite the fact that De Bethune is a young brand, it already has numerous patented innovations, and an strong visual identity. The two gentlemen responsible for that are the founders, Denis Flageolet and David Zaneta, who shared a vision of watchmaking in the 21st century.

Richard Mille Watches Replica For those unknown with De Bethune, I think it’s best to say that all their timepieces feature a rather unusual look/style, although most come in a round case, feature two hands to indicate the time, and are attached to the wrist with a strap. It’s mainly details that are just different. For instance the crown is not positioned at the usual right-hand side, however it sits beautifully balanced at the top of the case. It’s actually a bit pocket-watch-alike. And there are many more unusual design feats that define the brand’s style. De Bethune is the brain-child of Denis Flageolet, master watchmaker, and David Zanetta, designer, and the watches they created over the past 12 years are visually and technically intriguing and spectacular. Considering the brand’s nature of creating modern time-telling art for the wrist, and doing that in accordance with the highest Haute Horlogerie standards possible, their production numbers are not that high. So when you own a De Bethune, you can be sure it is a rare timepiece. Now first a bit of history. This probably sounds like abracadabra, however believe me, the man is a genius when it comes to watchmaking and improving essential watch components within the boundaries of pure Haute Horlogerie.

“The other person from De Bethune, who also does groundbreaking work, is David Zanetta. He creates the most fascinating designs for the wrist or ‘object d’art de temps’ as I called it before. The case he designed for the DB27 features the so-called floating lugs which are fitted with a patented system of springs that enables the watch to adjust to the wrist and to its wearer’s movements. Maximum comfort!“

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