FIFA 18 The Journey Season 2

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FIFA 18 The Journey Season 2

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FIFA 18 The Journey Season 2: four models conjecture
FIFA 17, the player will be the embodiment of a player called Hunter, the beginning, the player needs to choose a team to join, of course, where the fifa 17 pc coins players are free to choose.

Then the player will become a striker, here can not choose, the player can only be when the left winger, right winger or medium. Can not be in the game, the player can choose the mode of operation: only control a Hunter, or control the entire team.

Following the success of 2017 FIFA 17 Journey Mode with Alex Hunter's Story, the Journey Season 2 of popular story mode "The Journey" will return for FIFA 18, EA Sports has confirmed. EA boss Andrew Wilson said more than 10 million people had played The Journey.

While that phrase doesn't clarify exactly how many people played it for more than a couple of minutes, it's clear The Journey was popular enough for EA fifa 17 ps coins to stick with it for this year's game. So, FIFA 18 will "bring players back to The Journey with Season 2," Wilson said. Season 2 features new characters and new storylines, he added.see more fifa 17 fun here by now..... come on!
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