feature of special floor board

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feature of special floor board

Postprzez qizhen111 30 mar 2017, o 06:49

instantly, as the be current of means of heating of the heat of the earth's interior, the ground of terrestrial heat on market warms floor emerges in endlessly, however the floor sells an a lot of alleged warm floor boards, should say for heat-resisting floor, with the ground warm special floor board has certain difference, should take care choose and buy, do not listen to a businessman to play a bar solely. Be based on this, network of Chinese wood floor is small make up arrange collect the ground is warm special floor board is relevant feature, share together with everybody.
1, the ply of warm special floor board had better be in the ground 12 ~ 16mm.
2, its product must be the environmental protection product that does not have formaldehyde.
3, better to can be achieved heat delivers the result, the ground warms special floor board should assure with the ground as far as possible little space.
4, the measure of warm special floor board also should not cross the land big, stability has exceeded measure, and had better be multilayer the product of real wood, this kind of floor need not stay when the shop is installed adjustable seam, of its be heated adjustable go up force with be in floor interior offsets each other.
5, the paint of floor surface enters wood interior through invading means, it namely wear-resisting won't because temperature is high and chap. Japan just develops technology of this kind of immerge nearly two years, also be a too old experience that use and reachs, this kind of technology already used the land widely the domain of warm special floor board.
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