Not the same home decoration

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Not the same home decoration

Postprzez Qizhenbi 4 maja 2017, o 11:14

Many people prefer the gray tone of the home decoration, because the gray with a decent person to bring a different sense of high taste, home taste up! So when the gray + parquet floats will be different from the new inspiration?mold and mildew resistant lumber

Pure white carpet, round a few, the ceiling is also elegant and elegant living room into a touch of Jing Yi and comfortable atmosphere. Elegant decoration pendant with personalized parquet flooring, for the elegant and elegant room to bring a touch of different artistic style, can not help but feel at home to enjoy their own enjoyment in the Paris style.outdoor floor covering light weight

Bedroom light gray-based color of the room gives a calm and quiet sense of comfort. Study gray background wall, shelves and warm parquet floated under the shining lights, not only do not make people feel boring, but to add a little fine to the study of fashionable atmosphere. Bathroom gray marble with the word to fight the floor gives the rough atmosphere of the texture, full of exotic decorative ornaments so that in the space to add a little yan rhyme.wood plastic composite wpc wood treatment
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