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Why Surrogacy ?
Surrogacy is now a well-recognized fertility treatment gaining success the world over where surrogates carries and gives birth to babies. Surrogacy is growing in popularity among couples as a way of having their own children. Even though http://www.cheapbelgiumsoccerjerseys.com/jean-francois-gillet-jersey/ , surrogacy requires time, money and patience to succeed but if it is carried out through, reputed fertility treatment centers or clinics can bring happiness to all concerned. The choice of surrogacy augurs well for those couples who are unable to carry natural pregnancy due to the following factors.

Woman who is having or had recurrent miscarriages,
Health condition that sorts pregnancy and giving birth of a child dangerous for the woman concerned,
The uterus is irregular or absent since birth or after a hysterectomy,
Female treatments such as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) having failed,
When the couple are in same sex partnership
All the above-mentioned factors can be easily solved or taken care of through a viable solution known as surrogacy. The custom of surrogate has become quite popular over the years and it is known that there have been differing rates of success for the various types of surrogacy procedures. There are high pregnancy rates with IVF surrogacy and limited case reports have attested to its success. When using IVF procedure with mothers who are under the age of 35 success rate is as high as 60% or more. The other form of surrogacy such as blast cyst transfer that involves fertilized egg being monitored in a laboratory for more than three days or more and then implanting that blast cyst into the uterus of surrogate mother the success rates almost rises by about 10% or more.
Willing surrogates who gets pregnant through fertility treatment and carries the baby to term have high achievement. The achievement for a gestational carrier depends on the quality of eggs available and a healthy uterine of the gestational carrier. The success rate is donor egg program by using specific medication protocol designed to prepare the uterine lining irrespective of age have almost an equal chance of success. The greatest success always comes from an IVF procedure where the sperm donor has thorough medical evaluation; the egg donor is young and has a positive fertile history. In addition, when the surrogate is also young having met the rigorous fertility criteria then the success rate lies between 55% and 65% for a fresh embryo transfer using two high quality embryos.
Success Rates at KIC:
The success rates is very high when the entire procedure of IVF and surrogacy procedure (including the subsequent embryo transfers with frozen embryos) are taken into account raking up the success rate to 95% once the surrogate gets pregnant. In manual terms, the live birth rate for gestational surrogacy is somewhere about 20% to 30% per one cycle while the live birth rate for traditional surrogacy is about 5% to 15% per one cycle. The surrogacy success rates at Kiran Infertility Center or KIC is one of the best with 91% success in pregnancy rate and about 85% success in live birth rate over three cumulative cycles using egg donor. You can have more details by visiting our website www. http:kiranivfgenetic or email us info@kiranivfgenetic. From the legends of Houris (Splendid companions) to girls of the Harem and Asian courtesans to Mata Hari, a famous exotic dancer from the early 1900's, exotic and erotic dancers have always had a place in the rites of passage and the specialized entertainment that makes promises of passion and turns ordinary events into extra-ordinary memories!

It is unknown when the first bachelor parties first began - the term bachelor dates back to the times of Chaucer http://www.cheapbelgiumsoccerjerseys.com/jason-denayer-jersey/ , and of course the practice of sensual dance has been with us for as far back as history stretches as referenced from the names above.

Modern bachelor parties, though, have used exotic dancers and strippers for over a century as a last time blow out, celebrating the freedom being lost by the bachelor before he goes to his marriage vows.

That tradition is still in full swing today, and often the bachelor party now stretches out to a weekend instead of just a single night.

Of course, exotic dancers have gained a degree of popularity that is more mainstream than ever these days, and they are used for much more than simply bachelor parties - these new occasions can be almost anything, from the best birthday bash ever to sporting and business events to the infamous 'Strip-O-Gram'!

Of course, this type of entertainment is available in clubs across the US, but for parties and private events it is much more enticing and practical to have these wonderful women come to you - and, women can now get in on the party!

Called a bachelorette party in the US and a Hen party in England http://www.cheapbelgiumsoccerjerseys.com/jan-vertonghen-jersey/ , the women can also be assured of a good, fun sexy time by male exotic dancers, made famous since the Chippendale dance troupe of the 1980's.

Let's face it, there is a reason sex sells - titillation and sexual intrigue have made our lives brighter and more interesting since we first came out of the caves, and certainly one of the first uses of music, lost in the long ago history of humanity, must have been the desire of women to increase the desire of men.

And it is a thing that men have long desired. What a great way to celebrate an 18th birthday than with the sexy and exotic companionship of a modern geisha, an exotic dancer whose sole purpose is to make your night the best one ever no matter what the occasion!

The next time you celebrate an event, consider taking a page from ancient legends and modern tradition and treat yourself or your friends to a night they won't soon forget.

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